Chinese Consecutive Interpreting

If you are organizing your own conference, seminar or other important event, wouldn't it be great having a serious, trusted professionals standing by you, ready to project a unique profile to your event while maintaining an accurate and cultural sensitive version of your message? If you have such an event or meeting in China with a Chinese speaking audience, having a top notch interpreter and translator is a necessity to get your message across to the world's largest population while taking into account any necessary cultural sensitivities.

Consecutive interpretation is a mode of interpretation in which the interpreter renders his target language interpretation after the speaker has stopped speaking. This is the most common form of interpreting for a witness in open court. This mode is also used at diplomatic and business meetings between two individuals or small groups. In addition to excellent linguistic skills, this mode of interpretation requires exceptional memory and superior note taking skills. The profession of the conference interpreter developed at the United Nations in parallel with the organization’s language policies, and the introduction of new technologies. These allowed for new modes of interpretation. Consecutive interpretation was the first mode of interpretation widely used at international meetings. By the end of the First World War, when the League of Nations was established, English had achieved parity with French as a diplomatic language. In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter takes notes on the speech being delivered and – only after the speaker has completed the speech – the interpreter renders the speech into another language. This is called consecutive interpretation because the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish, and then proceeds.

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